We re-granulate


During re-granulation, PET flakes are heat treated and transformed into plastic melting using an extruder. The extruder, together with other equipment, then pushes the melted plastic material to a cutter bloc, which chops it up. The pieces are transformed into granulate through an underwater granulation process. The re-granulation is usually the final step of ecological recycling and processing of plastic waste. Thanks to their properties, re-granulates represent an input for further production, thereby saving natural resources. Re-granulates are an important substitute due to the fluctuation of primary/original raw material prices. 

Our plastic re-granulates are used for further production of plastic products that may be labelled as “produced from recycled materials”. The main benefits of this input include an attractive price as well as the possibility to re-recycle the final product. It is produced in many colors – clear granulate is used and subsequently colored to the required color and shade.